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Theis Motor Company’s Certification Program

Instead of having a one size fits all Certification program similar to what most of the franchise dealers are offering we have come up with a customizable program so we can cover a wider range of cars and budgets. This allows you to pick the coverage that is right for you ranging from extended power-train coverage to plans with full coverage. No matter which plan you select you will receive the following.

  1. A vehicle that has been put through a complete mechanical inspection and is up to date on its entire factory scheduled maintenance.
  2. A vehicle that has been thoroughly detailed inside by hand with an exterior that has been inspected and free of significant flaws.
  3. Free first year oil changes.
  4. Free rental car coverage if your vehicle needs warranty repair.
  5. The best interest rates that you qualify for.
  6. Local Towing and Jump Start Service.
  7. A Carfax Vehicle History Report

For vehicles still with factory bumper to bumper coverage we offer the following extended power-train plans designed to mirror factory certification programs.

  • The Hyundai and Kia Extended 100,000 Mile Power Train Coverage Plan for Vehicles still covered by the factory bumper to bumper coverage.
  • The Foreign Car Make Extended Power-Train Coverage Plan for vehicles still under factory bumper to bumper coverage.
  • The Domestic Car Make Extended Power-Train Coverage Plan for vehicles still under factory bumper to bumper coverage.

For vehicles that are out of or have very little factory coverage we allow you to select from the following power-train coverages and major components coverages either separately or combined.

  • 1, 3 or 5 years of power-train coverage.
  • 1 or 2 years of major component coverage

The other nice thing about buying from Theis Motor Company is that even if you don’t choose to participate in the Certification Program you are going to get a high quality vehicle that has been completely inspected, properly serviced, hand detailed, and hand selected based on quality and condition. We buy the nice stuff and are committed to having the highest quality vehicles.