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About Theis Motor Company


Theis Motor Company is a family owned and operated automotive repair facility and used car dealership located in the Cincinnati suburb of Reading, Ohio. This allows us to be a one stop shop for all of our customer's automotive needs. We have been in operation from this single location at 9011 Reading Rd. since 1929 through the efforts of 4 generations of the Theis Family along with help from a handful of very talented and loyal non-family members. Our goal is for our family to take care of you and all of your family's automotive needs. We want to do it with the highest level of service to provide a place that you can trust and feel good about bringing your vehicle, while providing excellent value, and saving you both time and money.

The Dealership

We Specialize in Low Mile Off Lease Vehicles!

Since the Mid 90's we have specialized in selling late model vehicles with very low miles. We search for and buy the cleanest, best conditioned, off lease vehicles available through various sources and auctions. It is not rare for us to have vehicles with less than 20,000 Miles and even less than 10,000 miles. We know we can save you the cost of depreciation and provide a vehicle that is still like new. We put these vehicles through a complete reconditioning process. This starts with a full mechanical inspection, in which any repairs that are needed are made and includes any service that it needs down to a simple oil change, new wiper blades, and even new factory floor mats. We finish each car with a complete hand detail. The final result of our reconditioning process is that we have some of the nicest, best conditioned pre-owed, vehicles available anywhere. Most of these vehicles also are backed by factory warranty.

We Specialize in Customers with Good Credit!

While some dealers try to guarantee financing and offer credit to anyone, we don't. We are looking for customers with good credit so we can offer them the best interest rates through a combination of banks and credit unions. Our goal is to make things easy for the customer. We want to get you the best rate that you qualify for and we want to save you time by doing it right at the dealership whenever possible.

Car Finder Option

If you are looking for something similar to what we have but is not exactly what you want because of color, or a certain must have option call me and I will find it for you! This goes for any of our vehicles that are 2014 and newer. Being a small family owned business allows us to give you individual attention and really treat you right. We will make the process easy and save you money compared to any of the big dealers. Many times we can bid one in for you for just a set fee. If your local and have good credit we can even save you more by getting you a great interest rate currently at 2.9%. 

We do accept trade-ins.

We also offer some earlier model vehicles and most of them come from trade-ins. We would love to evaluate a car that you are trading in or want to sell. We have a lot of vehicles that are great for young drivers, because we go over our vehicles so thoroughly.

The Auto Repair Facility (513) 554-1011

Our auto repair facility is a full service garage. We service all common makes including the domestics Ford, GM and Chrysler. We also offer full service for Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen with limited service for BMW, Mercedes and other similar models. We do everything from service work like oil changes and routine scheduled maintenance to mechanical failures as large as engine replacement. We are lucky enough to have a large customer base that has been built over generations of doing business and pleasing people. Many of our customers are here because their parents went here or because they were referred by someone that is a longtime customer. Customer retention has always been the focus of how we market ourselves. We have really never had to advertise and we have always stayed very busy.   

Recently however, we have seen an influx of new customers. Many have found us through our advertising of the rental business and our beginning stages of entry into the social media world. We have hired more help and are expanding our facilities and equipment to keep up with the new demand.